Friday, April 28, 2023


Frankly, I'm not sure whether anyone still visits here,
it has been over a year and a half since I last posted.
If you are reading this,
welcome and thank you.

I hope all of you dear ladies are well,
and life is full of beautiful blessings for you.

I am here today asking a favor.
Please visit my artJOYstuff shop on Etsy.
I am filling the shop with many greeting cards
and some little paper decorations.
There is much more to come,
so visit often.

I will be gifting the proceeds from your purchase (less Etsy fees) to two deserving people in need.

The best friend of my dear daughter-in-law has suffered great loss. Following fertility treatments and a lost pregnancy, she learned that she had cancer and would no longer be able to carry and birth her own child. The cancer is gone. She and her husband do have viable frozen embryos, and are looking for a surrogate, the cost of which is astronomical.

I hope to sell at least 100 cards to help them to realize their dream.

Buy one card or 100, it will all ship for $5.00.

Thankful hugs,

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