Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Tuesday, I Must Be Junking

There is a very small, tiny really, flea market held in my town every Tuesday. It's not the kind of event that you will ever find fine linens or antiques, however, it is often the source of plenty of good junque, small trinkets and treasures probably bound for the trash if they don't find a home today. I also try to make my way over to our local thrift store every week, and this week Tuesday was as good as any day.
As you can see, I found a couple interesting, a few pretty, and a handful of rustic, shall we say, items for my creative inspiration.

The plan for this mixed bag of treasures is share one item I create every day ,using something from my haul. I'm not quite sure how many days of posts that will be, however, I was looking for something new and different as a challenge for myself, and I think this idea is it.
Thanks for stopping in today and be sure to check back daily to see my progress.
enJOY Your Blessings,

1 comment:

kecia said...

what flea market is this? i go to Columbus (NJ) on thursdays, but don't know of one of tuesdays...

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