Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sorry, It seems that I have been missing in action.
My dear hubby just replaced our office computer a few weeks ago, and I have not had the time to figure out how to use the photo program (the photo above is from my archives), so I asked that he move the old computer, which I understand perfectly, to our spare room, but unfortunately, he has not has not been able to get the wireless Internet to work, and he just has not had the time to play with it.  Okay, breath, another one of my trademark run-on sentences complete.  So, the situation, as it now stands is that I have one computer that I can work with pictures and one computer that I can access the Internet, and no way to make the two talk to each other.

I have so much I want to share, my booth is coming along at the antiques mall, my Halloween swaps and decorations, (might as well save those for next year, now), my spare room redo, it is being transformed into my tv/computer/jewelry making room, and the wonderful birthday trip I just returned from.

If you are local,
I have bunches of Christmas items available for purchase here:

Opdyke's Holiday Shoppe
Bay Head Country Accents
308 Sea Avenue, Route 35 South
Point Pleasant Beach
the sale runs through December 12

I hope to be back soon.

enJOY Your Blessings,


Something Special said...

Hi Kimberly, Now that you are hooked up again, come and check out my recent posts. I think you would enjoy seeing what I have been up to.

Geralyn Gray said...

I was hoping you were there again.....I am going to have to sneak in a trip there soon!

Createology said...

It is so good to hear from you and know that you are a very busy girl. Happy creating...


Sooo looking forward to seeing what you have been creating :) How fun to have a new room for your "things"...and bummer about computer issues...I've had a few here too! AOL issues.
deb :)

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