Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seaside Sweeties ATCs

Debbie sent me this wonderful card.
Rick-rack for waves
and tons of embellishments,
shore-ly wonderful!

This darling is from Jewels,
simply adorable!

Kelly sent this Biloxi beauty.
Love the glass bottle
filled with sand and shells!

This "Fun In The Sun" ATC is from
How much fun is too much fun?
This retro card is great,
I see rick-rack waves again!

This treasure and the 3 beauties that follow are from
the super talented Lynn!
"Discover The Sea Fairies"

"Full Of Sunshine And Love"

"Happy Little Maiden"

and "Beauty"
Each is truly a "Treasure."

My apologies to Kelly,
this is the beautiful "pink" ATC she sent.
It was misplaced during the demo and reno projects going on around here.
Kelly used wax on this lovely card,
simply love it!

Thanks to all who swapped with me,
Tuesday Trading Card Swaps
will resume in a few weeks!

enJOY a lovely day,
and Your Blessings,


Jo in TAS said...

They're all stunning cards! Gorgeous!!

Jewels said...

Wow Kimberly they are all so different but wonderful - I had a fun time exchanging and can't wait till you start up again!

Grandma Bugs Place said...

Those are just super! Have not been able to craft for a while and hope to get back to it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!
Great ATC's

Kelly_Deal said...

HI Kimberly! I've been such a bad blogger lately! Your last couple of posts are so serene and lovely and I love all of those atc seaside creations!

Something Special said...

Kimberly, i love those seaside inspired ATC cards. You have such a wonderful thing going on with your ATC swaps. I noticed that you visited my studio post and I some how deleted the picture I most wanted you to see. If you have time, I would love for you to see it. Just scroll down toward the bottom of the post underneath my stamp shelf, I want you to see what I did with the collapsible measuring tape that I bought from your etsy shop. I think you will see some of your tags hanging there, and I have only put some of my favorites there. You know you are one of my special blogging friends, and always will be!

Donna said...

They are wonderful ATC's, some very talented ladies!!!! I so enjoy participating in the ATC swap!!! Thank you!!!

Dapoppins said...

Beautiful beautiful! And not a swimsuit there I wouldn't love to wear more than the one I have now!

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh they are all them!!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

They are all beautiful!!TFS.
Have a great weekend,Kimerly.

Lynn Stevens said...

All so wonderfully creative and all so different, Love the ones you sent me!! Thank you sweetie!
hugs Lynn

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