Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Hi everyone!
Although I promised myself to enJOY
a relaxing, slow-paced summer this year,
another one has flown right on by.

I thought I would share some of the favors and decorations
I was commissioned to create
for Jessie's Sweet 16 party.

This is the sign in book.
It is also the very first book I ever created from scratch.

I printed each page with the image of an antique postcard blank.
I thought it fit the summer theme perfectly.

This is the framed piece
that will sit on top of her portrait
at the entrance to the party.

Jessie wanted special ornaments
for each of her closest friends.

(sorry for the poor picture quality on this one)
125 drilled, glittered, tagged and tied
scallop shells were the favors for all the other guests.

Some details of the name banner I created
using all sorts of bits and bobs.

I loved working in this color pallet!
So cool,
So Summer!

Tuesday Trading Card Swap
will be returning
this Tuesday,
August 23.

There will be a few changes,
I hope you join me.

enJOY a lovely weekend
and Your Blessings,


The Old Parsonage said...

Looks like you had waaay too much fun with this projects!

Love it all!

donna!ee said...

beautiful party favors & decorations! looking forward to tuesday trades... :)

Createology said...

Your attention to details really made the decorations super special for a 16th birthday party. Love all you created. Fabulous Friday...

Vicki said...

What beautiful party decor! I love what you created.

kathy said...

Certainly have missed you - Haunted your blog each day -- been busy i see --lovely decorations -- lucky girl -- Hope to get to do some swapping -- Hugs KAthy - ga ♥

Unknown said...

Jessie is going to be thrilled!!

Sandy xox

kandeland said...

yes, it's good to see you back..I was thinking about you! such pretty things you made for her party. I'll pop back Tuesday! xo nat

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