Friday, August 26, 2011

My Friday Archives

I was perusing photos of things I have sold through the years

and thought it might be fun to share them here.

So, I am starting a new feature,

"My Friday Archives."

These art cards were created in 2007
and were sold on ebay.

To everyone along the east coast,
a safe weekend.
We are battening down today
in preparation for a wild weather weekend.

God Bless You All,


Creative Wings said...

very lovely Kim,

kandeland said...

I love how you're revisiting some of your older pieces! They are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of your older work on Fridays. Good idea! xo

donna!ee said... always! :)

Scrappy Grams said...

love your sharing of archives because I wasn't a blogger or even knew about blogging till last year!

Petite Michelle Louise said...


Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful art cards, you were ahead of your time!
hugs Lynn

Kelly_Deal said...

Lovely creations! I hope you and your family stay safe this weekend!

kathy said...

So love seeing your earlier art -- lovely as usual - You are one of my favorite blogs --
Praying for you and family and all who are in the path of this storm --
Blessings _ Kathy - ga ♥

Jo in TAS said...

Beautiful cards Kimberly! Hope the storm passes quickly without too much destruction, I'll be thinking of you!!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi, Your cards are just beautiful, I love the bright colors, thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

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