Friday, September 2, 2011

My Friday Archives

My one and only
adventure in paper bag books
is featured today.

I created and sold this Halloween themed book
way back in 2006.
(who can believe that's 5 years ago?)

As I remember,
I truly enJOYed creating this work.

Maybe, it is time to dabble again.

I am beginning to sense a new project in my future.

enJOY a lovely Friday,
a beautiful holiday weekend,
 and Your Blessings,


Creative Wings said...

it is lovely... hugs

kandeland said...

this is awesome! thanks for sharing! xo

artistamyjo said...

Happy Friday!
You should make more of these,really cute !

Geralyn Gray said...

I think it!!!!!!

Kelly_Deal said...

Kimberly, your paper bag books are great! I was actually just thinking of making a paper bag garden book.

Createology said...

This is fabulous and to think it is five years ago that you made it! It is definitely time to create some more paper bag books. September surrenders...

Jane said...

Oh, I just love that book! The cat on the lat page is soooooo cute!

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