Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Altered Ancestors Swap

Uncle Fido
had the face of a dog.
most people thought this was his best quality.

Great Aunt Temperance
was a devout teetotaler,
but sometimes,
her tea totaled her.

Great Great Grandfather
was very well respected
in the scientific community.
They didn't know him very well.

Cousin Prudence
never found a man.
It was widely known
that she wined a lot.

loved talking to her birds.
Everyone began to worry
when they started talking back to her.

I am preparing to send these off to our swap hostess with the mostest,

enJOY Your Blessings,


Dorthe said...

Kimberly, they are gorgeous ,dear- Love the :Tea House :-)
special ancestors you have ,lol-

Diane said...

These are wonderful, I had a great laugh when reading their descriptions....a great way to start my day!!

Jane said...

Quite the "interesting" family there, Kimberly! What a fun swap!

kandeland said...

these are great Kimberly!
have a wonderful Wednesday, xo

Perfectly Printed said...

Kimberly, you are quite talented!! The ATC's are terrific!!


BLiSsAngELs said...

LOL Kimberly these are so funny and so well thought out .... what a fun swap hugs Wendy

Stampin D Amour said...

Kimberly - these are FABULOUS!!! They made me chuckle too!! I love the birds on that lady...LOL! These are great cards - very creative! xo

-pamela ;)

Sabrina said...

These are beautiful and clever! Just wonderful!

Lululiz said...

LOLOL, Kimberly, these really had me laughing out loud! They are fabulous, and the little stories with each one are just too funny.

JoAnne said...

They're wonderful Kimberly! We are going to have some great little books!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Kim those ATCs are darling

Marlene said...

These are great Kimberly, LOL. My favorite is great Aunt Temperance.

Kelly_Deal said...

These are awesome Kimberly!

Kelly_Deal said...

These are awesome Kimberly!

Joanna said...

Hahahahahahaha, these are VERY funny! Great ATC's, Kimberly, I love them ALL!


Perfectly Printed said...

April in Paris ATC's are on their way...should be at your place Friday 4/27.


Something Special said...

Oh Kimberly, I just about have mine all done. These are just wonderful and I love what you wrote about each one. looks like you are a creative writer as well! Hope to get one of yours in my little book!

Createology said...

Kimberly these are just a riot of fun. You have a wonderful sense of humor to go along with your artistic talents. Fabulous Dear...

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