Friday, June 15, 2012

Studio Cleaning

You may ask,
"How do these pictures relate to this post title?"

I am blessed to have a large studio space in my basement,
but don't expect me to share photos any time soon.

My workspace is large,
but not cute
like so many studios shared here in blogland,
and in the numerous books and magazines on the subject.

In fact,
it looks more like a tornado has just touched down,
several tornadoes in fact.

it had to be done.
I have begun cleaning up ,
sorting through,
and sifting out
my studio.

These pieces were all created
with the scraps that were floating
on top of my work counter.

They are tiny bits of this and that,
and I am really not too sure what to do with them yet,
but I am beginning to see,
peeking through the flotsam,
what I think is my counter top.

enJOY Your Blessings,


Peace said...

Such pretties! You know, it may take more time to see your countertops if you stop and make stuff, but I'm okay with that. :O)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I totally relate..I had to clean up, my area has spilled into the family room down there and with visitors coming I had to fold up the ironing board, gateleg table, and put away the toppings.
I'd love to have a "REAL" desginer studio look, but right now mine is a hodge podge. I have to have things out, displayed and close at hand. It's on my bucket list.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh I'm sorry I forgot to mention I love all your little creations. They are totally adorable. Keep your things just the way they are. They seem to inspire you.

kandeland said...

I'd take a tornado-of-a-studio any day if i had scraps of that caliber floating around! little works of art made from leftovers- I love it!
As they say- creativity is messy!
happy weekend to you Kimberly!

kandeland said...

(sending my mermaid atcs today!)

Jewels said...

LOL well my whole house looks like a tornado hit so I can totally relate. I often find UFOs lurking under piles of stuff and think "I remember that idea, why didn't I finish it???" Its always good to do a clean up every now and then - have fun...

Perfectly Printed said...

This post made me smile!! You know that so many of us can relate!


Dorthe said...

Kimberly, I love what you gave created from bits and pieces- they are lovely and funny-
and your deschription could have been about my studio :-) TRULY-

Art From The heart said...

Gosh I don't think I'd clean the place. Just keep making these beautiful pieces.

JoAnne said...

Love all your scrappy pieces Kimberly, especially the one of the girl with the glasses and party hat!
My "studio" is my dining room. Not one of those oooohh, aaahhh places either, lol.
Congrats on the new JOYousPaper etsy too!

Janet Ghio said...

What wonderful pieces!! I adore the girl with the glasses!!

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

what's that saying... creative people are seldom tidy! my studio is now in the basement to and the tornado never left after the trying to get unburied since i don't do any crafting since my table is to cluttered....maybe one day ill share my should show pictures anyway! I would luv to see where u create.

Jane said...

Ha Ha, even your 'cleaning up' projects are delightful! I've been sorting too so can relate very well. Have fun! I wonder what else you'll uncover? Your new Etsy shop looks wonderful!
Happy Weekend!

Amy B said...

Wow. This series of tags/art is truly extraordinary. Put bits and bobs together and what have you got? ... bibbidi-bobiddi-boo. It looks like the good fairy waived her wand to make the sum greater than its parts! If this is what comes from your creative tornado, keep it that way. My craft space is an eternal disaster, much to my husband's dismay. A friend gave me a painting called "the mess of an artist" which proudly hangs in the infernal rubble! - Amy Bauer

Dreaming of Vintage said...

I know what you mean Kimberly, I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that all over the place too! Your pieces are awesome!


No matter when we's always fun to Create! I throw my bits and pieces into a large bag and donate it to the school when Grandgirl goes.
I was in a corner of the basement until I "took over" the small TV room upstairs! I do love having a window!
Happy Weekend.

Createology said...

Kimberly Dear I think your space must be wonderful due to all the creative genius you bring forth. Sometimes those "perfect" studios are not productive at all and are more for show. These pieces are exactly proof of how well your space works for you. Blissful Creating Dear...

The Altered Bee said...

I need to learn to clean the way you do!

Catharina Maria said...

So lovely and so sweet !
I am in love !!!!!
♥RINI♥ the Netherlands .

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