Friday, December 14, 2012

A Note About Day 14

My December 14th photo
(see the previous post)
is of a special ornament.

My oldest son's birthday is the 14th of July.
This vintage boy from PaperWhimsy always reminds me of a much younger version of him,
the crown is because in my eyes he will always be a prince,
the dog is for his love of animals,
we call him Dr. Doolittle.

Today he finished his student teaching,
he has officially finished college.

of all days,
so many parents grieving the unthinkable, unbearable loss,
I am conflicted.
I am proud of him, I am heartbroken for them.

I am offering up prayers of thanksgiving for my son, 
and joining with all of you in prayers for those Connecticut families.

God Bless Us All.



Createology said...

Congratulations to your son dear. Our hearts are heavy with grief and sadness for those in Connecticut. Prayers and Healing Hugs...

Petite Michelle Louise said...

so well said mon amie...well said. ;(

Marlene said...

Hi Kimberly, what a beautiful tribute to your prince. Congratulations, you must be so proud of him.
As someone who was never blessed with a child of my own, I can't even begin to imagine. I love my nieces and nephews so much and I know the love of parent is so much greater. It's sad beyond words. I pray for all those families, may God's love surround them.

Linda said...

easy to understnad your conflict. praying and will continue.

Sandy Camarda said...

Yes that day made me hold my Son closer too- as he is also in Grade 2 (like those kids were) and his birthday was on the day of the shootings.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!


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