Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Dreaming Of A White Valentine's Day Tags

Mine are done, are yours?

Tags for the swap are due in my hands
in one week from today,
February 1st!
Just in case you didn't catch it already,
there is a swap list on my sidebar.
I will continue to update it as needed.
a swapper notifies me that her swap has gone postal,
the swap has been received,
as swapper joins or leaves the group.
I think I will be using this system in all future swaps as well.
enJOY a most lovely weekend,
my friends,
and Your Blessings,


Lululiz said...

Darn, I should have told you that I posted my tags before we left for France. That was, errmmm, last Tuesday or Wednesday,about ten days ago, so they should be with you any day now.

Jane said...

Finishing mine now so will mail either today or first thing tomorrow morning!
Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo Jane

Analia Cristina said...

Hi Kim,A melancolic and dreamy air.Very romantic!!!!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

your tags are LOVELY

A Vintage Fairy said...

Mine went postal today, I will send you a conf. # by email. Also, posted mine on my blog!

Createology said...

Lovely white tags. Your side bar is very good reference and I see mine are received. Whew! Love your swaps dear. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Martina2801 said...

Very lovely work again, dear Kimerly! Love your beautiful tags.
Have a nice weekend.

Tracie Dean said...

Your tags are just gorgeous!!!! I am afraid for anyone to see mine :-)

I am so looking forward to the return. I want to see what everyone else made......!!

Happy Crafting

JoAnne said...

Beautiful tags Kimberly! Happy to see mine are received...can't wait for the returns!

Jane said...

Mailed this morning - hope they make it on time!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Kim, these are all so precious. I had to chuckle as I use to pretend to be CUPID, flying around like Superman, some called me Tinkerbell!
Wish I had that energy again. Happy Sunday

Ana K. said...

Fantastic, romantic tags... I love them both! I was not here lately and it seems I miss a lot!

C Pohl said...

Kim, you should have gotten, mine I mailed a week ago, love your tags!

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Kim! My tags went in the mail on Saturday the 26th!

Becs said...

Mine are packed up and will ship oriority in the morning. Becs

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