Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fabric Of Nature ATC Swap - Post #2

Today's post features
Amy Bauer.
Amy's ATC for the swap:
This is the beautiful display
Amy created using all of
her swap returns:
Amy does not have a blog,
but she is fabulously creative,
and you can visit more of her work here:
Amy is a working mom and wife who admits to over volunteering.
She is a midnight crafter,
who steals away to her attic studio,
once the family is soundly asleep.
Due to her hectic schedule,
Amy enJOYs crafting small projects,
and loves to make them in batches to give as gifts
for family and friends.
Along with challenging herself in new mediums,
she loves to read, camp, and garden.
She also decorates her 1932 home
with seasonal and holiday vignettes.
When questioned about her creative beginnings,
Amy says:
"I have been creating since I was a wee tot,
and I can't help collecting shells and acorns
and rocks and pine cones.
I would have been most useful
when women were the "gatherers"
in "hunter-gatherer" societies."
Thank you Amy,
for sharing your art and your time with us.
hugs, JOY,
and Blessings To You,


Maggie said...

oooh, that atc is so cool. I love the leaves and the bark. Fun to see her other versions; the one I got from her is 'purple mountain majesty' and also very neat. Love the felted interpretation of your theme :-)

Dorthe said...

Dear Kimberly, I love your featuring your swap partners, on your blog-
Amy`s way of displaying her swap pieces looks lovely-
and it is interesting reading about your friends!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Amy's ATC is so unique! I like how she has displayed them!!!


Pat C. said...

Thank you for telling us about Amy, Kimberly! I love that she finds inspiration in the world around her and incorporates that world--literally--in her work. xoxo

Jewels said...

I think Amy's ATCs are great - very different but obviously "her". I have a lovely waterfall image on mine....Thanks for posting Kimberly!

Pandora said...

What a clever display! All of her ATC'are amazingly wonderful and so original.

Terri said...

Beautiful! She made such fine ATCs. I feel lucky to have one of hers. And her display is also wonderful!
Thank you for sharing about her.

Lululiz said...

I adored the felted waterfall ATC I received from Amy, she is so talented, I wish she had a blog.

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