Friday, July 12, 2013

Fabric And Lace Journal - My Tips And Tricks - Part 4

Inserting lace pages:
- choose a piece of lace with a flat edge,
place the edge into the book seam as shown -
- open the book flat,
be sure to have only one page under the lace -

- sew the lace onto the page,
be sure to get your stitches
as close to the binding seam as possible -

- flip to the back side of the lace page,
cut the linen fabric along the stitching line
to remove the excess fabric -
Lace edging:
- open to two blank pages,
they must have no work on either the fronts or backs -
-place a length of lace along the far right edge -
- lay the left page over the lace -

- snip the top page,
allowing a scant amount to cover the lace edging -

- tear the fabric -

- pin the three layers together... 

...torn page,
full page -

- sew along three sides,
top, side, bottom -

- remove pins,
flip over,
cut excess fabric from behind the lace - 

- finis -
- decorate and embellish your page -
I will share photos of the finished journal,
and possibly another tip or two.
Please leave questions as comments,
and I will be sure to post a response.

enJOY a lovely weekend,
and your blessings,


Margie said...

Your book looks beautiful Kimberly and your lace is just scrumptious. Thanks for the very useful tips. Margie x

Createology said...

I am amazed at how easily you are laying fabrics and laces and creating such a beautiful page. Thank you sew very much for sharing each step along the way. I really want to make one. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Erica said...

I'm trying to figure out why you sewed 2 pages of the book together to create the lace edge. Was this to give it more stability? Would sewing to the edge of 1 page been enough?

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

To answer Erica's question:
You could most definitely sew the lace edge to just one layer of linen. My reasoning for inserting it between two layers is that it gives a more finished look. Now the lace is inset on both sides. Depending upon how much embellishing and layering you do on the front and back of this lace edged page, one layer of fabric can get a little floppy, the page is a little "edge heavy." A double layer of fabric helps with that.

Thanks Erica for a great question!

hugs and JOY,

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

I jumped in to this post without reading your previous I'm lost. I may not understand how you created it, but your lace book is perfection. It is obvious you took the time and effort to create flawless pages. So lovely, Kimberly.

texascraft said...

Love your idea lace is beautiful. How do you fasten the pages to the middle ( spine). I made a fabric book and glued the double pages in the middle but interested what you have done. Thank you

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