Friday, September 20, 2013

I am a collector.
I know that there are other terms for it,
but I am sticking with collector.
I have collected so many wonderful bits and pieces over the years,
with great plans of creating even more wonderful things with them.
Well, I am endeavoring  to do just that.
I have boxes, bottles and bins of beads,
crates of crusty metal bits,
and a plethora of lost objects,
into which I am breathing new life.
These items are only the beginning,
much more to follow.
en-JOY a lovely weekend,
and Your Blessings,


Dorthe said...

So many new and different things, -your wrist cuffs are wonderful Kimberly,- and so are the decorated watch and your mine bird house!!
I hope your weekend is lovely.
Hugs from me.

DogsMom said...

I think collector is a nicer term.
I am an eclectic collector.

Laura Strack said...

You rescue things and provide happy new're an angel of goods, I would say :) Thank you for sharing all your beautiful ideas.

Terri said...

Lovely creations! I think you are the perfect person to breathe new life into left over items. You do everything so very beautifully!

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