Friday, July 25, 2014

New Pin Thingys

I hope everyone enJOYed the
Spellbinders' A Gilded Life
Summer Showcase & Giveaway!
I was so overwhelmed by all of your lovely comments.
I would like to welcome my new followers,
it is so nice to have you join me on my creative journey. 

It has been a busy week,
but I managed to finish a few things for the shop.

I love making these pin thingys,
I still have not come up with a better name,
any ideas?

I have some thoughts about a new take on these,
I would like to get some studio time in today
and hopefully have something new to share again soon.
Wishing all of you lovelies
a beautiful weekend
full of
JOY and Blessings,


Pat C. said...

Oh, how beautiful they all are, Kimberly! I especially love the top one... it literally takes my breath away!

Personally, I'm rather fond of "pin thingies".: ) But this alternative just occurred to me: I combined "Snippets" with "Pins" and came up with "Snippins". Just a thought.

Waving from Edison, I'm wishing you a beautiful weekend, too. xoxo

Carol McCready said...

Beautiful pin thingies. I'm not sure it there is a better name for them.

susan hemann said...

Lovely work. I like the name pin thingy. lol made me smile

Dorthe said...

Dear Kimberly, your pins are a delight ,and so very beautiful- I`m totally in love with the Marie -one and hope I can buy it from you !
They are so feminine and adorable all.
Happy weekend dear, and hugs from me.

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