Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Weekend!

I promised myself that I was finished making pumpkins,
but while sorting through some things, I came across these darling metal leaves,
and beautiful candlewick fabric.

Then there were these pretty fabrics that screamed PUMPKIN!
(at least to me they did)

And these vintage blooms that I coffee dyed a few weeks ago.
They have all been listed in my aJOY2bheld shop.
A little side note about my Etsy shops:
I have always promised my customers 100% satisfaction,
and as such have never felt that I needed to take a prepayment or deposit on special orders
(with the occasional exception of a very large order or one requiring me to purchase special materials).
Of late, there is a growing trend for potential customers to request a special item,
communicate their specific wants,
agree on terms,
and disappear once the item is complete and listed.
This has happened to me 3 times over the past month.
Going forward, I find it necessary to ask for full payment in advance for any special orders.
I am heartily sorry that the actions of a few has forced me to make this policy change.
I appreciate your understanding.
One last little reminder:
(sorry, I know I am all over the place today)
"Masked Beauty" ATCs must be postmarked by next Friday,
that is one week from today.
I hope that our international swappers have already or are preparing to mail their ATCs.
I will now wish you a lovely weekend
to enJOY Your Blessings,



JoAnne said...

I'm so happy you made some more! They are all gorgeous Kimberly. I simply had to buy a set!

Dorthe said...

Dear Kimberly,
I totally understand your need of asking for prepayment when making special offers, after having been treated like that. How awful that some people can treat others like that, after having made them a special order!! I have tried the same many times in my shop, with people telling me they have no money, but, would I please pack the item for a gift, and then they will return next day to pay and collect.....they never arrives !!!and it is far more bad behavior asking for a special order to be made, and then back off !!
I love your new pumpkins, they are so beautiful in those lovely fabrics....and I LOVE the one you made me, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

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