Friday, November 7, 2014

Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Kit


My mantra these days can be pretty much be summed up as:
"I will not buy any new old stuff,
until I have used my old old stuff."
I have so many beautiful old treasures that simply must find a new home.
I have decided to create a number of themed kits
and offer them for sale.
Each contains beautiful antique and vintage lovelies,
can be easily disassembled for use in new art,
but are pretty enough to be displayed as is.
I have listed 2 kits,
but there are many more coming soon.
en-JOY a sweet weekend,
and your blessings,


Createology said...

Your old old stuff is magic when you create pieces into treasures. Creative Parting Bliss...

Dorthe said...

I just visited both your shops , dear Kimberly, and love all you have created,- and the inspiration sets are a wonderful idea, and so beautiful. so many things there, to fell in love with !!

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