Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's Do Some Good - 2!

Dear Friends,
As you know,
I am deep into a studio clean-out.
I have decided to put together some lots
of things I need to part with,
and offer them here.
Now here is the good part.
You pay only flat rate shipping on the item you select.
Now here is the really good part.
I will donate an amount equal to
the shipping cost you have paid to charity.
Habitat For Humanity
is November's charity.
Preferred method of payment is PayPal,
but I am open to making other arrangements.
Simply click the PayPal button
at the bottom of this post,
complete the transaction,
and your purchase will be packed and on its way.
Note to my international friends,
for at least the time being,
I will only be shipping these items within the USA.
I am sorry for any disappointment this may cause.
en-JOY Your Blessings,
Today's Offering:

Glass Bead Lot
You will receive the lot pictured,
nearly 2 pounds of glass beads for jewelry.
They have been packaged by color:
pink, blue, green, purple and brown.
ships USPS first class small flat rate
 cost: $5.95


Createology said...

Oh My Bead Heaven. Thankfully these are SOLD and I have no room in my new cabinet. Habitat for Humanity is Blessed by your generosity dear...

Lululiz said...

I am moving to the States!!! Oh man, this hurts...........
But what a wonderful thing to do, Kimberly, you are so very kind.

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