Monday, November 17, 2014


I promised that I would run a post today, about "Let's Do Some Good."
So here it is:

My creativity has got up and went, it has left the building.  I feel as though I just keep making the same thing over and over again.  That just is not creative.  Normally, when this funk hits, I simply look around at my supplies to find inspiration, but in looking around, I felt saddened.  I have accumulated far too much.  I will never use it all, and let's face it, much of it will fall out of style before I ever do use it.

I do not regret any single one of these purchases.  Most of the items I have been listing for sale in my etsy supply shop were purchased on fun expeditions with Mr. AJS.  Days spent scouring fleas and antiques malls up and down the east coast.  Some were a side trip while vacationing.  Others were day trips, which always included a lovely dinner and a bottle of wine.

As for the items I am posting for the taking on my blog, most are newish items.  For example, the huge lot of 6x6 papers that I offered last week.  I love all those papers, that's why I purchased them, but I have never used an entire pack of scrapbook papers.  I can only make a certain number of cards, tags, journals... from one design line before becoming bored with it, that's just me.

Experience has taught me that selling grab bag lots of supplies is not my strength.  So, rather than waste my time (and $.20 listing fee :0) listing and storing these lots, I was convinced that some of my uber-talented blogging friends might be interested in breathing new life into them.  By the response last week, I think I was right.  This brings me great JOY!

Physical clutter promotes mental, spiritual, and creative clutter, and at the beginning this mini journey, I already feel as though I can breathe again.  Can creativity be far behind?

So why have I linked these free art supplies to charitable giving?  This one is simple, my hope is that "Let's Do Some Good" simply reminds us all of the need to be kind, to give from our hearts if not from our pocketbooks, to put goodness into the world and let it spread.

My youngest son and I had a conversation this Summer.  He is readying himself for grad school and thinking hard about his future, his part in the world, how he will make a difference.  Being in his early 20s, making a difference means something big and hugely impactful.  I told him that I have been making, giving and selling my silly little doodads since before he was born, I have easily made over 10,000 pieces by now.  If everyone of those little sillies, made one person smile, just once, that's 10,000 smiles and I think that's a pretty big difference.

One final thought, I am by nature a very humble person, I don't take praise well.  While I appreciate the lovely comments that have been left regarding the charitable donations, they make me uncomfortable, I am only doing what I should.  I would much rather you share a story of kindness when you leave a comment, we could all use more of those.

Goodnight My Dears
& en-JOY Your Blessings,


Createology said...

I do understand your feelings However I truly believe you are making a difference in our world and for that...Thank You Dear. Every week I send out Random Acts of Mail to those in need of cheer. The tine I spend allows me to sinerely think of others. My greatest JOY is to help others...just like you my friend. Creative Bliss Blessings...

Judy said...

I know that feeling when your creativity runs away from home. I am a writer and that has happened to me on a few occasions.
I handle it much better now, but the first time was horrendous. I panicked, I thought my previous success and overflowing cup of creativity had been a cruel trick from nature. I finally convinced myself that I had no talent as a writer and I did not write another creative word for two years.
We moved into a new house and what I thought would be a refreshing new start made me miserable. The day came when I was so unhappy with my situation, I (without thinking), went into my husband's office, got a yellow legal pad and started writing down all of the miserable words I could think of and then I wrote some sentences and kept writing them and wrote things completely unrelated to each other for the rest of the day. The next morning, I couldn't wait to get to that yellow pad and after several days, I realized I was writing and felt as if I had SO much more to write.
I did get something out of that experience. Now, when my creativity runs away or goes into hiding, I take to the yellow pad feeling confident that I will find it again or it will find me.
You need not worry. You, my sweet friend are creative and it's no joke. Your creativity has not left the building, it just wants a little coaxing.

Dorthe said...

My dear Kimberly,
You truly made me smile, many,many times,- with your beautiful creations,- and the christmas pieces I have bought from you over the years, makes me truly smile again and again every year, as they are so very appriciated still!!
On top of that you are a wonderful friend, which makes me smile even more...I hope we will go on making each other smile, and feel blessed knowing each other !!
Hugs from Dorthe

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