Friday, July 31, 2015

Beautifully Grungy ATCs!

I knew that July's swap theme would be a challenge for us all,
but everyone stepped up
and created some incredible art.
See for yourself:

Thank you Sylvia for this awesome personalized ATC!

click a name in the comments section to be directed 
to each of these talented gal's blogs.

August swap sign-ups are open,
(see one post down).
We have a couple new swappers, 
as well as 4 countries represented
(5 depending where Liz is at any given time ;0).

Wishing you all a lovely first weekend of August.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wow! Everyone did a fabulous job. They are all wonderful. :) Pam

Createology said...

Grunge was quite the challenge for me. Everyone's ATCs look amazing. Thank you Kim for being the hostest with the mostest. Summer Smiles...

jeanniemc said...

These are very cool..

alice k. said...

Awesome work! Waiting for my batch to arrive - now you really whetted my appetite :-)

Lululiz said...

Fabulous ATCs from everybody, I am glad you are putting together the returns, and not me, I couldn't pick and chose any favourites.

Maggie said...

My swaps arrived in my mailbox today...thank you! It always feels like a party, to open my little packages, and even get party 'favors' :-) Fun stuff.

Dorthe said...

They are really gorgeous each and every one, dear Kimberly,-
I have almost mine for August finished, and will soon send them off, to be sure they will be there, in time :-)
Hugs and loving greetings from Dorthe

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