Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Almost Time!

August's ATCs are due in the mail next Friday,
August 28th.
Here's a look at mine.
"Linen & Lace"
swap sign-ups will be open on Monday.
The mailing deadline will be 
Friday, September 18th.

Have a lovely weekend!


Jane said...

OOPS, I must have misread the date! Thought it said August 28 so had planned to make mine this weekend. Sorry I'll miss this month but I don't think I can get them in the mail today. Will have to get busy with the Linen & Lace ones so I don't miss another swap!
Sadly, Jane

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Sorry Jane and anyone else who thinks I have lost my mind.
August swaps are due in the mail next Friday, August 28th.
I have corrected the above post to reflect that.
Thanks for understanding my goof.
hugs and JOY,

Jane said...

Such good news for me!!!
xo Jane

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Kim ,
she looks wonderful , so lovely colours ,and so beautifully packed ,I need to think more about my packing !!!
Hope your weekend will be great and happy !!!
Hugs from me !!

Unknown said...

She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing...I learn so much from viewing other people's creations.

Createology said...

Lovely ATCs Kim Dear. I am lookibg forward to participating in September also. Blessings...

Lululiz said...

Love your dream girl, Kimberly! Just in case I forget to tell you when you swap them out, can you send the August ones to my UK addy, please. We will be going back to the UK in a little while.

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