Friday, September 4, 2015

Being True

Back in January I proclaimed that my word for 2015 is

If I am being TRUEthful,
I find that my blog posts are lack-luster,
and my heart is no longer in this.

I am well,
my family is awesome,
thank the good Lord,
so no need for any worries.

So, it is with mixed feelings that I announce,
September's Linen and Lace Swap
will be my last,
and once those swap returns are in the mail,
I will no longer be posting to my blog.

Life is full of so many adventures,
and I feel this little one has played out.

I never say never,
but at least for now,
this feels right.

Wishing you all a JOYful weekend!


The Junque Seeker said...

I'll miss seeing all your lovely creations, but totally understand. Enjoy your time!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I get it, but will miss you and wish I had joined in your swaps a lot sooner. I started blogging a little late, so not ready to quit yet, but I do see that time coming. Thanks for letting us know Kim. Enjoy your new adventures! Pam

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

I, for one, will miss your blog and the opportunity to see your inspirational creations. But I understand how you feel and wish you the best! Sue

Maggie said...

Very sad to read this, but I totally 'get it' as well. Hope you'll poat your creations on FB, because I really love seeing your work.

Your swaps have been so enjoyable. I've appreciated the opportunity to participate and have that little avenue for quick bursts of creativity. You've been so generous to host them for such a long time....thank you.

Big decisions come with lots of TRUEthful self reflection. Good on you for doing what makes sense in your life.


jeanniemc said...

Have loved your blogs and all of your creations but know you are making a wise decision...Wishing you much "Joy" and peace in the days ahead...Thanks for sharing all your talents!

Dorthe said...

Oh Kim I`m so sorry to read this, as I will so miss your blogging here,- miss you and the little lovely contact we have. Are you still going to create for selling my dear ? Will you be more on fb? or have you desited to almost end this part of your life ? if so I`m so very happy I have so many amazing creations from your hands, witch I treasure more that you will know. It ios such a pleasure for me, to look at many of them every day, and to bring out the christmas items, brings so much joy every year ,Kim !!
But I understand your desition, and just hope we in some way will keep in contact !!
Loving greetings from Dorthe

Jane said...

Awww, this makes me sad - for us - but I can understand what you're feeling and see that your decision makes sense for you. I have LOVED your ATC swaps! I cherish all the many lovely pieces of your artwork I've collected over the years and will treasure them always. I wonder if you'll keep your Etsy shop and if you are on Facebook or Pinterest? Thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations over the years!
Better get busy with my Linen and Lace ATCs!
xo Jane

Two Mad Dahlias said...

I will miss your blog and your swaps terribly. Your work is so inspiring. Best of luck on your next journey!

Unknown said...

I will truly miss you my friend, but I too understand. You've been incredibly inspiring and I loved participating in your atc swaps! You'll be missed! Have fun on your new adventures!

Unknown said...

Oh I will miss you very much and admire your honesty (and courage). I have not posted on my Blog since April and feel much the same way as you do.....maybe it's time for ME to be "TRUEthful!" Thank you for the inspiration! Many blessings ahead.....;)

AppleApricot Wen said...

I totally understand and respect your decision Kim. There are (many) times that I need a long blog break and when I take this break, after a while I feel inspired and happy to be blogging again. But if not, that's totally fine! You'll be very much missed and also your beautiful creations and great swaps. But I'm happy to hear you and your loved ones are doing fine because that's what's most important! Wishing you well and many joyful moments! Sending you hugs and happy smiles

Lululiz said...

I realise that things can't always stay the same, we need change, we need to try something new, we need to feel we are doing something fresh when we feel that things have gone stale, but darn, I am devastated that you won't be blogging anymore. I look around blogland and so many blogs which I have followed for a long time and where I have adored the beautiful art or homes featured are missing or neglected and it makes me so sad to see our beautiful blog community so diminished. Your swaps, your art, your blog posts, they have inspired me tremendously. I hope that even though you close the door now, you are not locking it for good, and that perhaps one day you'll feel ready to visit blogland again. I sure will miss your posts and challenges. Enjoy whatever new adventures life holds for you right now, I wish you days filled with happiness. xxx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Kim,
I'm so sorry to read this but I do understand your decision. Thank you so much for all the inspirations you have given us. Wishing you all the best.
Hugs and love,

Lynn Stevens said...

I know how you feel ,I have neglected my blog this past year. Its been hard to try and keep up with everything life demands.
Hugs Lynn
Hopefully will see you on FB now and again!

Createology said...

I am saddened that you will not be blogging or swapping however I do understand how life is so important and all things have an ebb and flow. May you find JOY in every thing and in every day and never regret a moment of making memories that satisfy YOU! Be well my friend...

Amy B said...

Kim, Thanks for being TRUE.... and thanks for being YOU! You have indeed brought JOY through your lovely blog. Your fun swaps gave me the push I needed to carve out bits of creative time amidst other life demands, and for that I am most grateful. I treasure my trove of art by like-minded ladies and appreciate the forum for camaraderie
that you provided. Your work is an inspiration. I bid you ADIEU, but not goodbye as I feel that I will find your artful footprint somewhere on the "interwebs." Thank you, thank you.... and I wish you all the best on future endeavors! Much love, Amy Bauer

Unknown said...

I too, after reading each comment, feel like I am losing a sweet friend I have JUST met!! I have many times read in 'awe' at your lovely creations and it was such a sweet inspiration! I must confess you have been a most GENEROUS giver of your time, talents and creations! I am so sorry I did not find you much sooner in my craft life! As one of your dear readers commented: I also have some of your beautiful hand made creations sitting near me in various spots to keep me happy and creative! EACH item I have ever purchased from you I admired and commented to myself how generously and lovingly you gave back - your items were always so purposefully and sweetly packaged and then to open each thing - MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EXPECTED!! Every time without fail I would ooohhh and ahhhh at what L.A.B.O.R. went into it!! Gosh, I am happy now I was able to catch my opportunity for the Sept ATC swap!! you were my "FIRST" and "ONLY"!!!! heehehe
God Bless You Generously and Richly! and once again thank you for sharing of your heart with such passion!
Susanne (

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Kim..I've loved following you for so many years. But when Life calls for a change it's best we be "TRUE" to ourselves. We all have inspiration in other forms and change is usually always good for the soul. I will REALLY, REALLY miss the ATC swaps. You were a wonderful host and I needed that monthly push to be creative. And I loved all the gals that participated, just seemed we had a common interest. Truly hoping now and then you'll pop up here or there. Very Best Wishes to YOU in all that you do. Blessings & Hugs

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your art and for the ATC swaps. Blessings to you always. Patti

Sharon (BennBoo Creations) said...

Dear Kim,
I do hope you still sell your special finds and creations online. I don't respond much to blogs, but I want you to know that I have tried "starting" a blog many times, and can only understand completely when you feel time's up. Blessings and best wishes to you!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I only get here hit and miss, but have admired your work for so long. I will be sad not too see your beautiful creations so often. But, I totally understand about life. Sometimes it is best to just focus on what truly makes us happy and not what others expect from us. Life is short and we all need to enjoy our time here while we can.

Karen B. said...

Dear Kim,
I am sad to hear this but I understand and you never know right, maybe one day you might return to blogging again. Thank you for sharing all your lovely work and creations.
I wish you well.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

suziqu's thread works said...

I know what you mean Kimberly when it is time for a change and I admire the fact that you are being true to yourself first and foremost but we all really understand your decision. Life is full of twists and turns and nothing ever stays the same.
I have so loved my interactions with you and hope to follow you on fb also.
Your swap buddies are really going to miss you so much!
Thank you for everything Kimberly with my Etsy purchases. Will you still run your shops.
Take care dear girl. I wish for you a most wonderful future and a happy heart. It is time for a rest too! You have been such a wonderful host to so many bloggers.
Love and hugs,

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