Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Transformation Tuesday

Here they are as a group!
Yesterday, they were 12 forgotten misfits,
Today, they are bright and shiny embellishments,
at the ready to adorn future projects. 

This was a lonely vintage earring,
missing more rhinestones than were left.
A little poking around to remove the remaining rhinestones,
a good cleaning,
a sprinkle of glitter,
and it is the perfect center to this tattered rose with vintage millinery leaves. 

All of the metal pieces were brightened up with a touch of 
Tim Holtz alcohol ink in metallic finishes. 

This one has a pretty little girl image from PaperWhimsy.

Turquoise was a popular color choice for a number of these pieces.

The center medallion pictured is the carved brooch
shared in yesterday's post.
A metal birdcage charm, resin bird, and  tiny vintage millinery flowers
layered to create a great focal for this fabric piece.

This piece was fun!
After a new antiqued silver finish was applied,
new and vintage bitty flowers were applied with E6000 glue.

This stickpin started as the least attractive piece of the bunch.
A vintage metal flower curtain pushpin,
a flower off of a vintage bracelet,
a bit of tinsel garland,
a new crown charm,
and a snippet of seam binding
may have combined to create the biggest of the 12 transformations.

While this may appear to be the simplest project,
rest assured, it was not.
The colors/finish were changed at least 3 times,
before settling on this.

Fully expecting this to be a favorite piece once finished,
but sadly, it is not.
Surely it will find its way onto some new,
beautiful project.
This one may take a while.

Love this one!
The color of the alcohol ink renewed this brooch beautifully.
The rhinestones were very dull and cloudy,
but the ink went right over them.
A vintage button,
and another flower from that vintage bracelet
filled in the blank spots.

Another beautiful girl from PaperWhimsy,
is framed by the vintage brooch.
Some vintage lace,
rhinestone chain,
metal rose,
and a chair charm
combine sweetly in this little piece.

The vintage yellow earrings were a bit of a stumbling block
until the vintage yellow happy birthday cake topper 
made its way to the top of a pile of "stuff."
A wood heart was covered with scrapbook paper,
inked and glittered,
a barbecue skewer was glued to the back,
and the remaining pieces were glued to the front of the heart.
This will make an awesome cake topper.

This was a fun challenge,
and a break from a much needed craftroom organization.

If you missed the "befores"
scroll down to yesterday's post.

Hope to be back soon with new projects!

PS-note, this post is edited; I realized I used the wrong photo file,
these pics are a bit better than the originals.


The Junque Seeker said...

So creative! They all look much better, and I'm sure will be used for more of your amazing art.

rush said...

This gives me a little faith that I can combine some goodies I have hanging around the studio. What will you do with yours? I know that one will be a birthday cake topper, so what about the others? Any ideas yet? Thank you for sharing this.

Dorthe said...

Dear Kim, sorry for being quiet, I had your Birthday greeting, thank you sweetie,--- Mathilde is here this week, so I will return when she is home again, Hugs, and Love, Dorthe

jeanniemc said...

Just stunning..all of them...

Createology said...

Kim you are amazing and each of your trinket transformations have truly become gorgeous treasures. I so love reading how you transformed each and every one. My crafting room is off limits right now for our new Broker showing...however I would be over-the-moon if my bits and bobs would transform as lovely as yours have. Happy Safe Fourth of July! <3

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

How fun, amazing what we aquire. Time is what we need.

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