Friday, December 1, 2017

December Daily - The 1st

Have you heard of a December Daily?
It is kept as a daily diary/journal/scrapbook 
to document all of the hustle and bustle 
that accompanies this joyous month.

I was considering keeping my own 
December Daily this year,
but have decided to share it here,
as my own cyber-version.

December 1, 2017
This box is packed and ready to ship to 

Along with my daily post here,
I will be sharing the 
25 Days of Christmas Cards

I hope you join me on my 
little Christmas adventure!

Merry Hugs,


Dorthe said...

You are amazing dear Kim , such a wonderful and big job you did, so generous and kind of you - the card shown is so sweet and beautiful.
Big hugs from Dorthe

Jane said...

Just going backwards to start at the beginning! Beautiful cards and such a large number. They'll be appreciated for sure!

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