Friday, July 6, 2018

$5.00 FriYAY!

$5.00 purchase from the Dollar Tree


spread pony beads on a parchment lined cookie sheet,
holes facing up

melt in 400 degree oven for about a half hour
(warning, these smell as they melt, so it probably is not the healthiest thing to do indoors,
I suggest using a toaster oven outdoors,
some people have melted them on an outdoor barbecue grill)

adhere the little blobs to strips of glue dots for easy use
(so technically, this is over $5.00 because of the glue dots,
but there are plenty of colorful dots to use in future projects)

A few stamps, some inks, and adhesives
were all the additional supplies needed to make these cute boy cards.
The travel theme stickers are nearly used up,
but otherwise, there are lots of leftovers for future projects.

These cards will be going to:

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I will announce a random winner
of a special gift.
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Happy weekend hugs,


Jackie P Neal said...

I am so blown away and amazed at these Kim! You are so creative! what a cool idea- you have me thinking about what I have in my art barn that I could melt! heehee
Jackie xx

fairie said...

OMG!!! AMazing work with dollar store stuff.

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