Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Little Sharing

I was in the mood to create,
so I grabbed one of the kits from my shop.
(there is still one just like it available)

These 4 fiber and paper
mixed media pieces were fun and easy to create.

There is something so sweet about these little doorknob-size 
pocket pillows.

Layered paper and fabrics
with a bit of machine stitching
were all it took to make the greeting card
and the hanging pin thingy
(that's the technical term).
Then a couple pieces of salmon-pink craft felt
were die-cut into tag shapes for the pages of this petite needle and pin book,
and a few tiny flowers scattered on the cover.

I started this 2 page layout for a journal project.
It is in need of a lot more embellishment.

This is what still remains from the kit.

My kits have been so well received,
that I thought it time to share a little inspiration
for using them.



Dorthe said...

Oh Kim, you really know how to create beauty, I so love these lovely pieces, and so much you created from one kit- and still things left , You know I am a fan of this style here, so I easily fell in love with it all .
Hugs dear, and thank you for your note to me, I will be back .
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Kate Yetter said...

Very beautiful journal you have created! I love all the vintage fabric and laces you incorporate.

Jackie PNeal said...

Please teach me to do what you do Kim!! Ohhh how I love these treasures! And I always arrive so late and the favorites are gone!
I love your art and am so thankful to have found you and grateful that you share these art bits of your world with us!
hugs,Jackie xx

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