Saturday, September 22, 2018

Stash To Treasure Saturday #10

I worked on this special order for a customer this past week.
She wanted an advent calendar made up of little bags filled with trinkets.

These are some of the bits I gathered from my stash to include,
but truthfully, some of these were too large for the bags
and were returned to my stash.

I began by creating these tags,
die cut from old manila file folders,
and embellished with wood cuts from last year's Target Dollar Spot,
and vintage Bingo numbers.

My lovely customer requested muslin bags
that she intends to hang from twine with clothes pins.

I found a nice piece of cotton calico fabric,
which I liked better than the muslin,
and went about sewing 25 bags.

Each bag is filled, tagged and tied.

I was so happy working on this project,
it was actually something I had been thinking of for a few years,
but never had the opportunity to make.

It may be early,
but I am still about to say it,
Merry Hugs,


Jackie P Neal said...

You are too cute Kim! Hold that Merry making just a little longer please!
These are adorable! I love them! Oh Wait... I LOVE everything you create!!
Happy Monday
Jackie xo

Karen B. said...

Oh Kim,
OMG ... you did an amazing job on this! I love each and every bit of this creation!
Many hugs,
Karen B.

Amy B said...

It is wonderful Kimberly!

Dorthe said...

My dear Kim, a wonderful project, and looking so lovely in the soft tones you used- so exciting for someone to open up one each day, from first December. Beautiful, and natural .
Hugs and love to you.

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