Sunday, June 2, 2019

Back To Where It All Began

Like most of you,
I am sure,
my creative journey took me down many roads through the years.

It was just a bit over 28 years ago that I set up shop at my first craft show.
I had left corporate America 2 years earlier
to be a full time mommy,
and wanted to explore the possibility of bringing in a little extra cash
through creativity.

My first endeavor into the craft for cash world
was a table filled with floral wreaths and arrangements.

For the next few years I did craft show after craft show,
and home parties,
peddling my flowers wherever I could.

Fast forward to yesterday,
and my Mt. Everest
(see yesterday's post);
I am once again making floral wreaths.

These have been created from bits and bobs in my studio.
The roses are upcycled from a flea market find.
Believe it or not,
they came off of a pillow.
I removed about a bazillion roses
and set about coffee dying them.
They have been sitting in the fishbowl at the top of my bakers' rack
for at least 5 years.

Come back next Sunday to see the next leg of my crafting journey.

I would love to know how you began your creative life.
Please leave a comment to share.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday,

The wreaths are available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


Jewels said...

Feels like I have been arting in some way, shape or form forever. In the 70's it was highschool art classes and macrame! I did my first foray into quiling in the 80's (I sewed a lot more than) and crochet and a stint of decorative painting in the 90's. Back to more serious quilting in the late 90's early 2000 that started to morph over to mixed media around 2008 when I discovered Artist Trading Cards and Vintage Glue Books. Since then it has been a little bit of everything but mainly mixed media. I have a STASH like you that I somehow need to scale back on the parts that are no longer relevant to what I do...Love those wreaths!

Createology said...

How fun to hear your creative journey Kim. I have always been around and dabbling in lots of crafty pursuits. My Grandma, my mom, my dad and my older sister were all very crafty and artsy. Like so many I have tried numerous venues but always return to sewing, beading and paper/fiber arts. It must be in my DNA. Creative Bliss...

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