Monday, July 22, 2019

A Word And Two Questions About ATC Swaps

Hello lovely swappers!

Questions regarding postage have been coming up,
and I would like to address them here.

I know there are a few of you that place a modest number of stamps on your padded envelope,
and they miraculously appear in my mailbox.
When I return the same envelope to you,
the post office charges me between $3.76 and $4.06 (approximately).
Don't ask me why,
I don't get it.

I would also like everyone to know
that the little gifts I have been including in the past 2 swaps
have had no effect on the price of return postage.
Either way (with or without a gift)
the weights fall within the same range.

So here are the questions:

1. Do you prefer our swaps be limited to 2 dimension or 3 dimension ATCs?

2. If you choose 2 dimension (only flat embellishments),
would you be okay with us using regular legal letter size envelopes?
You would include an addressed stamped envelope when you send them in.

and the bonus question:
3. If you choose 3 dimension,
would you like to return to the OLD rules,
when we had NO rules about embellishments and dangling bits?

Please let me know by comment here.

I have been loving these monthly swaps
and so appreciate each and every one of you who participate,
let's keep it going strong
(and better if we can)!

happy summer hugs,


Fonda said...

I'm okay either way. Maybe we could do 2 dimensional this time and see how it goes? Anyway, I can go with the flow...whatever is decided.

Ms Artsymix said...

Hi Kim, I always love three dimensions, it gives us more opportunities. Thank you so much for these swaps, at my PO, they always charge 3.78, it’s no big deal to me. FYI I mailed my mermaid lagoon ATCs today, so much fun💖

The Junque Seeker said...

I love the three-dimensional, but I'm fine with whatever the majority decides. As far as rules/no rules on embellishements, I think that should be up to you as you're the one having to deal with packaging and reshipping (and thank you for that!)
: )

Maggie said...

Funny you should post this...on Friday I asked the guy at my post office specifically: when can a padded envelope count as "regular mail", which would be fairly minimal for the 3 or so ounces my packages usually weigh? He explained that they could not be more than 1/4" thick, and the width had to be under 6 " ( I think). But the clincher was its foldability. I showed him that it could be folded lengthwise, along the partitions of the plastic folder we've been using. But he countered with no, it is too rigid going the other way as well. So therefore, it goes for a 'package' rate, and from Oregon to New Jersey, runs me $4.06.

That said, I much prefer 3-d. and enjoy a dangling bit every once in a while, lol. And I'm fine with the extra $ for postage. But if majority wants to try 2-d, I'm okay with that too, and using legal envelope/s.

Just a thought: I wonder if postman's 'foldability" argument would still apply to a legal size envelope.

Donetta said...

I also love the 3-dimensional ATCs...most of mine fall into this category. It's shocking to me that there is so much variation from one post office to another. I always end up mailing these swaps at the post office (rather than adding the stamps myself) because that's the only place I've been able to find he 7x9 envelopes. And the big labels. I should be better prepared, and yet...i'm not.

nancy said...

Hi Kim,...I have enjoyed being part of your ATC swaps, and appreciate the time and work it takes you to co-ordinate, mail and include goodies in our envelopes. So much fun to get "happy mail". I vote for the "no rules" re: the embellishments because that gives me opportunity to delve into my stash. I like your choice of 3 for 3 because I am one who has to mull over and then mull over again before I create, and 3 is a fine number for me. So thinking about all this...I am happy to have you choose what ever works best for you in mailing out our creative creations at the post office! (Oh joy) Thanks so much for hosting :)

The Junque Seeker said...

I also asked about postage at the PO today when I mailed my ATCs to you, and another creation to another address - same size padded envelopes, although the one to you was a bit thicker and heavier. I was told that if sent as "packages" they would be trackable and cost more, but if sent as first class letters they were much less expensive but not trackable. I did notice that she checked them both for rigidity, and both were fairly ridged with cardboard, etc., but she let me mail them for the first class rate. Seems to be a matter of interpretation by whatever postal clerk one asks. ???

Jewels said...

I'll go with the flow but I rarely add 3D to my ATCs (just sayin). Your the ATC Leader in Command so really whatever works for you Kim :) And thanks for being such a great host.

MARGIE said...

I have to admit that even though the 2 dimensionals are cheaper to mail, I do enjoy having the freedom of "no rules". I love this swap and so far, ALL of the ATC's I've received have been so fun! Thank you Kim for hosting this swap and having such good communication with us all. It's most appreciated.

I do have one little recommendation.... Would it be possible to post the NEXT swap theme a month or so ahead of time? I like to have time to think about the next theme and what I'll be creating. Just a suggestion... thank you again Kim!

Createology said...

Just now catching up on your blog dear due to being in Arkansas helping Sister-in-Law after her husband died of horrid dementia. I find postal rates and rules are subject to each individual clerk...even within the same post office...very frustrating! I love your ATC swaps and added gifties and Thank You very much for facilitating every month. I am fine with majority choice and love the ability to be creative each month. 3D is fun and less challenging even though it can get out-of-control easily. I hope you have received my Mermaid Lagoon ATCs.

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