Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 17 Of 52

"Love Grows"
ATC No 17 Of
52 Weeks,
52 Artists,
52 Trades

Also available:
"Cutie's Arrow"
ATC No 16

Thanks Sherry,
this Cutie is yours!

"She Dances Like An Angel"
ATC No 15
Thank you Donna,
she will be flying your way!

"Postcard From Home"
ATC No 14

This Post Card From Home
is heading to Denmark,
thank you Dorthe!

I have added a list of names
of those who have so kindly accepted my invite
and swapped with me.
If your name is not on that list,
I would welcome you to swap
an ATC of your creating
for one of mine above.

Simply leave a comment on this post,
be sure to include contact info.
If you are a
"No Reply" blogger,
there is no way for me to make contact with you.

I hope you are enJOYing a lovely Tuesday,
& Your Blessings,


my cup of tea said...

They are all adorable!

Kim Budash said...

Hi Kimberly:

I know you wanted 52 different artists; however, since you have several ATCs there that no one is taking (which I don't know why as they are ALL lovely), if you change your mind, I would love to do another swap with you.

Kim Budash

Analia Cristina said...

Hi Kim,fantastics your atc,How much patience and dedication!!!!

Dorthe said...

They are all so wonderful, Kimberly,-

But I loved the last one .post card from the first day you showed it, so I will love to swap that with you, if it is still there ?

mercedes scott said...

Hello... oh, your ATC's are always so beautiful! I simply don't know where you get all this inspiration from :) You are AmAzInG!

Createology said...

Oh Yea! I want to swap with you since I don't see my name on the list. I thought I wasn't able to. Please put my name on Cutie's Arrow and I will make an ATC just for you my dear. Let me know the criteria you want. Blissful Swapping...

Becs said...

Oh I love the cutie angel one. But what if I get this one and want another later on??? Are you sure you want just one per person?? Lol. Becs

junemac2 said...

I am loving the romance, simply stunning work, really beautiful.
I just began rebuilding Dezinaworld and its so good to be back :) Now i had best add myself to follow you again. Please pop by and see my new Dezina blog if you get chance too
hugs June x

my cup of tea said...

I would love to trade *dances like an angel* if it is still available?

fairie said...

Wondering if i can still join? my email is shengvangatrocketmaildotcom

fairie said...

can i join? shengvangatrocketmaildotcom

Denise said...

If you need more people to help you get to 52,I'll be happy to send you an ATC and trade with you.What fun for you to do 52.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage @ knuckled54@yahoo.com.....and you can also drop by My blog for a visit any time

Denise said...

I really like the black and white check one,it's daring.

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