Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy Hands Happy Heart

I am busy, busy, busy these days.

I have 4 swaps I have commited to, crazy, I know.

I am preparing for the Ocean Grove Flea Market on Saturday, September 11.

I must rework my case at the Burlington Arts And Antiques Emporium.  Time to decorate for Fall.

I can't forget my 50 Day Birthday Bash.  Only 11 more days to go!

Loving every minute spent creating.
Wishing You A Happy Heart, As Well!
enJOY Your Blessings,


Petite Michelle Louise said...

this is just beautiful and YOU are just busy! I too love every minute creating (not enough of it though!) Good luck with your flea market preparations. wish i lived loser! happy day!

she dreams big! said...

Oh Kimberly - you create such beautiful bits and pieces! Best wishes on all of your reasons that you're busy!

Christine said...

Beautiful piece! I love how you incorporate the beautiful purples!!!

Jane said...

That's beautiful! You are truly one busy lady, but still keeping everything going!

Jennifer ~ Mi Vida Loca said...

I love your hanging creation...everything is gorgeous!

I feel your pain on being busy! Just remember to breath and take things a step at a time. (don't want life to become overwhelming)

kandeland said...

love to know you are immersed in creating!
xox natalea

Something Special said...

I feel the same way you do about creating. I come alive sometimes at around midnight. That is when my brain really kicks into gear. This piece is so lovely. You really are busy. I know now why you did not sign up for my latest swap. I wish I would have known about the jar swap. How could I get in on that one, and are they happening all the time?

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