Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Loving This!

These are the two wonderful ATCs I received in my Alice themed
Tuesday Trading Card Swap!
Isn't it amazing how they coordinate together so well?
The first one traveled from the UK
and the second from Florida.
Thousands of miles apart,
and these two terrific gals both picked the green and black color scheme!

Who Are You?

At Last!
by Jane

I cannot thank you lovely ladies enough for these beautiful cards!

I am sure alot of you are all Aliced-out,
but Alice has always been my favorite.
When I was a child,
Alice In Wonderland was the only animated Disney film in which
a girl got to have her own adventure,
without having to wait for a prince to rescue her.

There is still one opening in this week's
Queen Bee swap

Remember to join me next Tuesday for a new theme
and a new invite to swap ATCs.
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Thanks for visiting,
& enJOY Your Blessings,


Joanna said...

How strange that Jane and I should both have chosen the green and black colour combo - curiouser and curiouser, you could say!!

I know what you mean about Alice having her adventures without having to rely on the handsome prince. I think I was rather indoctrinated as a young girl and spent far too long searching for the handsome prince (kissed a few ugly frogs along the way, even made the mistake of marrying one, ugh). I did finally find him, who'd have thought he would be bald!

I loved swapping these ATC's with you, Kim. I'l be back soon to hopefully swap again.


Jane said...

Oh, Kim, that's so funny that we both chose the same color scheme! Will have to check with Joanna & swap again the same week :) When I was thinking about the atc, I remember buying some of the Graphic 45 Alice papers - that's where my colors came from.
This swap was so much fun! Thank you. I love your ATC!!! Will get back for another swap after getting a bit caught up with things here.

Jane said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "remembered"!

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