Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Wanted To Say Hi!

Thought I would take a minute to share the greeting cards I created for Mothers' Day this year.
I know, Mothers' Day was awhile ago.

There isn't a whole lot of creating going on around here these days,
so I had to dig in the archives to find pictures to share.

My home is in a state of chaos right now.
Lots of demolition in preparation for new hardwood floors and a few other renovation projects.
I am thinking pretty thoughts to get through it.

Wishing you pretty thoughts!
enJOY Your Blessings,


Unknown said...

just beautiful...I know the women in your life really were thrilled to receive such a heart felt hand made card showing love and talent!
Thanx for
Remember my giveaway at The Cranky Queen ending May 29th~ Tiffany

Donna said...

Beautifuls cards!!!!With everything going on I surprised you can read a blog much less post!! hang in there it will be worth it!!!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!!!

Createology said...

Your cards are lovely and very heartfelt. Pretty thoughts back to you and your new wood floors will be wonderful. I love the ones I have as they are the easiest to care for. I hope you post photos of your remodeling projects. Breathe deep...

Joanna said...

Thinking pretty thoughts isn't always easy is it?! In a years time you'll look back at this time and laugh. Yes you will!

Sweet sweet cards.


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly! Beautiful cards! The hubby and I are going through the house renovation process too! Ick! Almost done though..... Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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