Monday, September 24, 2012

Something New Mondays #3

A couple months ago,
I had a brilliant idea,
at least I thought so.

I would challenge myself by trying something new each week,

and then sharing it here in a blog post.

with the end of Summer
and the multitude of swaps I signed up for,

that brilliant idea got pushed aside.

So let's give this another go,
shall we?

These are the little pieces I am currently working on.
A real departure from my usual work.
They are wood shapes,
stamped and colored with watercolor paint,
pencils and distressed ink.
I then collage them into little art pieces.
They are still all in need of work,
but I thought you might like to see what I am up to.
So, what is new in your world?
enJOY Your Blessings,
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Jody and Stan said...

I love all your beautiful ideas! Can't wait to see more!


Denise said...

Oh yes!I do love those little pieces of pretty art :)

Analia Faul said...

Hi,beautiful things!I love all!Greetings!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

thanks you for sharing kimberly...i cant wait to see them all finished up... my tags are going to the mail today...hugs

Diane said...

Love your work! I love the colors and shapes and the illustrative look of them. Very beautiful and unique.
Found you on IMM blog hop

Kelly_Deal said...

Oh how pretty!

Dorthe said...

This is truly something new, dear Kimberly-but I love them- and all the colours. I wonder how big the wooden pieces are- the one with the orange house is gorgeous and also the WISH piece. They are already great...can`t wait to see them finished.

artistamyjo said...

I love all these new ideas,wonderful !

Sabrina said...

Love these Kimberly, can't wait to see what you do with them!!

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