Friday, September 21, 2012

What Is It About Owls?

Why do find them so intriguing?

Is it because they are so wise?

Or because they are so dark?

Or because they are so beautiful?

Whatever the reason,
I am loving these images I purchased from

I printed these beautiful vintage images on fabric,
and collaged them together with gorgeous lace and trims from my stash.
These tag sets are available here.
enJOY a Wise and Wonderful Weekend!
and Your Blessings,


Jane said...

Whooooooooooo knows why we love owls so much? We hear them hooting around here at night and suspect them of being mighty hunters.
You always come up with the most interesting and intriguing items!
Back to my Halloween tags!
xo Jane

Denise said...

Gorgeous!I love them!

artistamyjo said...

They are beautiful. Very unique!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those owl tags are adorable. Owls are everywhere. It reminds me of when i was a child in the 70's a lot of people decorated with owls. Everything comes back! They are pretty cute.

Kelly_Deal said...

Owls are beautiful and so are your tags!

JoAnne said...

I LOVE these tags Kimberly...Halloween chic!

Ana K. said...

Really awesome little owls!!

suzeeez said...

Beautiful ....Those tags are soooo pretty !

Createology said...

Owls are amazing and your tags honoring them are gorgeous dear...


Very sweet owls. I remember w-a-y back in the 70's they were very popular! Had a "few" owls things in my home!
You sure make awesome tags!

mercedes scott said...

..Kimberly... I think it is their BIG soulful eyes! I had the joy of seeing one up close last year and I was mesmerized.... LOVE your collaged tags :)

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, these are gorgeous. I tend to like tags that are different from typical and these certainly are. Love, love, love!

As far as owls, I think they are so beautiful. I was in Michael's yesterday and I looked up at a top shelf where the a/c was hitting a few feathered owls and they looked so beautiful. I don't find them scary, but quite mysterious and majestic actually. I guess it's all that wisdom that goes with them.
Thanks for sharing. LOVE these.

Emailing you a question about the swap.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Darling creations. Lots of fun creativity here.

Dorthe said...

Kimberly, hello again-:-)
Your owl tags are adorable, and so beautiful, I too love the images, and the bits of pieces and flowers you used.Your work is alwayes so lovely dear.

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