Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fabric Of Nature ATC Swap - Post #6

Today's featured artist is:
Becky Swartzlander of
Becs created this ATC
for our swap:
and this awesome flag garland
with all the swap returns:
These are some examples of Becs'
handmade beauties for sale,
(these were from her etsy shop,
and have sold),
she also has a website shop,
Like so many of us,
Becs began her creative journey
at her mother's side.
The rigors of life as a police officer
left little time for her creative soul.
It was about 20 years ago,
while assigned to the swing-shift
and needing to unwind after hours,
that Becs returned to her art.
In 2001 Becs was diagnosed with Lupus,
she continued to work as a
Police Sergeant for as long as she was
physically able,
she retired in 2004.
Not one to let life get her down,
Becs spends her time traveling,
taking art classes,
and creating beautiful art.
She is a part-time college and Police Academy
instructor in the field of
Law Enforcement.
Becs describes herself as,
"Creative – Imaginative – Honest – Caring – Sarcastic
– Independent –Disorganized – Unwavering"
She sells her art online and locally,
but dreams of a opening
"a brick and mortar studio and tea house"
with her sister and friends,
"one day soon."
More social media contacts for Becs:
Becs, you are a JOY,
thanks bunches!
hugs, JOY, and Blessings,


Dorthe said...

What a beautiful, and lovely tag Becky made for your swap, dear Kimberly!! And that necklace is amazing!! I love what you shows, and will have a look at her blog...Thank you, dear!!

Maggie said...

wonderful flag bunting! Love the ATCs on burlap!

Terri said...

Wonderful post about Becs. She is a sweetie! Her art is so lovely. I adore her tags and her buntings.
Thanks so much for sharing about her.

Createology said...

I am enjoying "meeting" your featured ATC Nature swappers. Lovely work and the banner is a wonderful way to display the ATCs. I am off to visit Becs. Happy Hearts Kimberly...

Jewels said...

Man I am amazed all the lovely ways everyone is displaying their ATCs. Sadly mine are sitting on a stack of fabric waiting.... Thanks for sharing Becky's story,,,

Becs said...

Thanks Kimberly you make me sound so nice. Lol. Thanks again for an amazing swap. And thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments. Becs

Sandy C said...

Neat stuff! I love the banner her snow lady necklace. Have a great weekend!


Martina2801 said...

What a wonderful swap, Kimberly! I`m totally amazed by the beautiful creations!
Have a nice week my dear.

Pandora said...

Such lovely art and a wonderful idea to use burlap for the pennants! Thanks again for the wonderful swap.

Lululiz said...

Love the idea of the burlap garland, I bet it looks absolutely fantastic outdoors on a sunny summer's day. Her ATC is so beautiful, I was so happy to find it in my swap package.

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