Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fabric Of Nature ATC Swap - Post #8

Today's featured swapper is:
Carolyn Huber
Here is the lovely ATC
created by Carolyn for our swap:
And this is how
Carolyn is displaying her swap returns:
Carolyn's mom has been a huge influence
on her creative journey.
Her mom is an amazing artist,
who encouraged her to follow a different path.
Thus, while Carolyn remembers creating
since childhood,
she put it behind her
and moved into adulthood.

Six or so years ago,
Carolyn's muse burst back into her life,
demanded her attention,
and reminded her
"that life without art
is like not breathing."
Carolyn says,
"Now I am compulsively creating
to make up for lost time."
"And slowly I have been remembering
how to breath."

Carolyn does not,
share her work on social media,
but is always a welcome swapper.

 Thank you Carolyn
for your beautiful ATCs!

hugs, JOY, and Blessings,


Unknown said...

great atc........very pretty caroline
milissa defusco

Maggie said...

That ATC is stunning. Carolyn is very talented and I love her attention to detail. The one I got from her is so very different (a fantastic flying squirrel with the coolest couching stitching), but equally beautiful. I'd love to see all eleven of her pieces side by side.

Erica said...

this is a stunning ATC. How fortunate you are to have it ~ what a beautiful swap!

Becs said...

Love that ATC. And what a great way to display them. Thanks Kim for sharing.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

The seahorse ATC is so pretty, I get lost in looking at it. You have done a lovely job introducing each of the artists in your swap.

Createology said...

Fabulous ATC for the Nature swap. How great to have the creativity muse in full swing. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Terri said...

Hello Kimberly,
I have admired Carolyn's art work for a while now, being lucky to participate in swaps with her in the past. I adore the ATC I received from her, and this one here is totally amazing! Wow!
Thank you for sharing about her.

Lululiz said...

That is one heck of a fabulous ATC! The one I received is very different but equally fantastic, I wish I could see them all. Somebody tell that girl to start a blog!!! I like the way she has displayed them as well, nice table centrepiece.

Jewels said...

This was a wonderful ATC and I have found a perfect background in the journal I am creating to house all mine. Very lucky to have one of Carolyn's pieces.

Pandora said...

Thank you all for making me blush ~ you are too kind! Thank you again to Kimberly for the divinely inspirational ATC to kick start this most memorable swap to date!

Dorthe said...

Beautiful, fantastic seahorse tag, so wonderfully created, and Carolyn found a sweet way of displaying all the swap tags, in her home.
Hope your June is sunny and happy dear Kimberly!!
Hugs and smiles,

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