Monday, July 8, 2013

Fabric And Lace Journal - My Tips And Tricks - Part One

Thank you for all of the sweet comments about my
fabric and lace journal last week
I received quite a few requests for a tutorial,
so I thought I would share some of the basics.
I will be posting all this week,
so be sure to check back each day.
Today, I will discuss basic construction.
I began with an old pair of linen slacks.
You can easily substitute yardage,
any natural fabric should work,
muslin is a great choice too.

Decide what size you want your finished book to be.
Mine will be approximately 6 x 4 inches.
Each sheet will measure 6 x 8 inches,
always double the width,
as you will be folding the pages in half.
Measure out the fabric,
make a small snip with scissors.

Grab each side of the snip with your fingers
and tear.
Make the number of sheets you would like for your book.
the sheets will be folded in half,
giving you twice the number of pages.
For example,
my journal has 8 sheets,
once assembled, the book will have 16 pages.

Stack all of your sheets neatly.
Fold them in half lengthwise.

Finger press along the fold.

Linen creases easily,
if your chosen fabric does not crease,
use a fabric marker to draw a line down the center.

Sew down the center crease line.
You may wish to pin your fabric stack together before sewing.
you have the foundation for your fabric journal.
Join me tomorrow
when I will share how I create
the front cover art
and inside front pocket.
Please leave any questions as a comment,
and I will gladly reply in the comment section.
sharing with:
enJOY a lovely week,
and your blessings,


Gloria said...

One of these days I plan on making me a fabric and lace journal!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your tutorial!

Warm Hugs


Elena said...

Thank u so much for taking the fime to share this with us!

Createology said...

Oh Kimberly Dear I have missed so much and will spend time to catch up. Your fabric and lace journal is breathtaking. I am swooning over it. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Joyful Dear...

Dorthe said...

Dear Kimberly, you are so sweet to share a tutorial with all of us...
thankyou sweet friend!!
You will hear from me soon.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

ShiftingSand said...

Very nice, thank yoU for sharing your instructions are very clear. You are in my favorites. Cheers.

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