Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fabric And Lace Journal - My Tips And Tricks - Part Two

Attaching layers to a page.
This is the front cover,
but all pages are created using
the same basic technique.
- cut a piece of lace to fit the entire page -
I like to have the lace a little larger than the fabric base.

- cut more lace to layer -
I am using 2 layers of lace,
but there are no rules,
layer as many as you like.

- choose and cut your image -
I am using images from Paper Whimsy,
which I have printed onto fabric sheets.
I do not remove the paper backing from my images,
this is my personal preference,
it gives the image more body.
- cut a piece of felt or cotton batting
slightly larger that your image - 

- cut a piece of netting or cheesecloth
approximately 1 inch larger on all sides
 than your photo -
- stack the three elements as shown above,
image -

- position your "stack" from the last step
onto your page -
- for the next step,
be sure to open your book flat,
there should only be one fabric page under your collage -

- take the flat book to the sewing machine,
stitch around the photo image -
All of your layers are now one.

- use a heat tool to slightly melt the netting layer -
(cheesecloth will not melt)

- melting the netting adds more texture to the piece -

- secure floppy lace edges,
sew buttons or other embellishments through all layers -

- hand sew other embellishments to your page -
I will be sharing tips on finishing the back of the page.
Please leave questions as a comment,
and I will respond in the comment section.
enJOY Your Blessings,


cmoh said...

What a great tutorial series, thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.


Dorthe said...

Beautiful sweetie Kimberly,
so lovely a little book, and a gorgeous front you created, with the layers and laces of different kinds...love your flower.
Thankyou dear ,I love this beautiful art work!!
Hugs ,Dorthe-xx

Createology said...

You are making me swoon with all these layers of lace so beautiful. I don't think I have ever "heat shrunk" netting however I really like the final effect. Thank you ever so much for sharing your techniques.

linda smith said...

oh than you so much for these tips they r great

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