Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fabric And Lace Journal - My Tips And Tricks - Part Three

Creating a simple pocket,
and hand-work on the back of a page.
This is the inside cover of my journal.
Every page
will have one side which is machine sewn
and the reverse side will be hand sewn.
Running both sides of your page through the sewing machine
will more than likely ruin your first side,
you will see stitches where you would rather not.

- choose a piece of lace or doily
which will fit your page well-

- using a simple running stitch,
sew around three sides of your lace,
being careful to catch the fabric layer with your needle,
but not the laces and elements on the front side of your page -

- leave the top open,
and you have a pocket -

- place trims or laces on your page
and cut to size - 

- use pearls or beads to secure the trim -

Here I have used a tattered flower trim
and vintage pearl beads. 

- embellish with a lovely flower,
and tuck a sweet treasure inside the pocket -

I will share a few more tips for
building and embellishing pages.

Please leave questions as comments,
and I will be sure to post a response.

enJOY Your Blessings,


cmoh said...

Gorgeous Kimberly, you are inspiring me to try my hand at a page!


Createology said...

I am truly enjoying your process for making such a lovely fabric and lace book. This page is divine. Happy Creative Heart Dear...

Laura Strack said...

Oh my goodness, Kimberly, I am so happy and blessed to have found your Blog. I have been wanting to find someone who's creative style was as beautiful as yours and also someone who shares their art...such as this fabulous journal tutorial. I've been wanting to create myself a journal but did not know where to begin. Congratulations on making the design team at The Gilded Life (The Blog in which I discovered you). I look forward to seeing your lovely creations. Blessings and hugs, Laura

Dorthe said...

Another most beautiful page dear Kimberly, I love the pocket and your sweet flower, and trim- so very sweet!!

Something Special said...

Hi there Kimberly, your etsy shop looks amazing. You are so talented and I am so lucky to have some of your work! take care!

linda smith said...

thank you again beautiful book

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