Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"In The Garden"
No 40 of
52 Weeks,
52 Artists,
52 Swaps
Thank you Lou Anne,
This one is yours!

Looking for NEW swappers,
if your name is not already on the list
(click the swap button below to be taken to the page),
and you would like to swap an ATC created by your hands
for one pictured above,
please leave a comment on this post.
"No Reply Bloggers" must include your email.

I know that everyone is super busy this time of year,
but I am still looking for swappers for these two ATCs as well:

This one is spoken for,
thanks Bobbie!

Please feel free to copy my swap button for your blog:

Happy Tuesday My Friends,
en-JOY Your Blessings,


bobbie said...

I'll gladly swap for the Atlantic City one!


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Kim this is a lovely ATC, love the backgrounds. Maybe with my new computer I can post more side photos/buttons again.

Dorthe said...

such sweet colours, and many of them----- a new style of yours, and so sweet and beautiful- I would love to swap it, but have no time just now....so many orders and the shop has to be filled, before I close for good in december ,-so I can hopefully sell and have a little money for the half first year of 2014 ,untill I get my pension :-)
You makes happines here Kimberly !!

Lou Anne Hazel said...

I'd love to swap for the ATC with the framed portrait.

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