Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Post That Has Been 12 Months In The Making

Early last January, this humble little book went out into the world.
Late last September, after an 11,000+ mile journey,
it arrive back home.
For a few months more, it sat unfinished,
needing only one more page to complete it.
Coming up with a page for your own Round Robin Journal should be easy,
shouldn't it?
Finally, a few weeks ago, the lyrics came in an inspired moment.
What better way to sum up a work of art created by 12 sets of hands,
than those pearls of wisdom from the Beatles?



Works of art by members of
Kindred Souls Art Group.
This group is overflowing with talent,
and so too, is my journal.
Many thanks to all who contributed.
I am linking to:
enJOY a lovely week,


Janet Ghio said...

very pretty

Erica said...

what a lovely keepsake to treasure

Nook and Cranny said...

Well, let me be the first to comment on your STUNNING book, love it!!!!
I get it when you say it took you awhile to create your own page, what to do with all the beautiful goodness???? You made a beautiful page and the words are sooo perfect indeed..
I wanted to let you know I have received your cabinet card, I LOVE it, thanks SO much.

Maggie said...

Beautiful blue treasure!!

Jewels said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kimberly!

Dawn said...

Oh so beautiful! What a group of talented artists. Just wanted to let you know I received my valentine ATC' s and was so delighted! Thanks for your little giftie and being such a great swap hostess :)

milissa d said...

beautiful and would love to join your next one.....ive never done one but I think it would be such great fun.

Amy B said...

Oooh! What a treasure. The participants were talented indeed. Your, "I get by.." page is the pies de resistance!

Createology said...

This book of artistic bliss is "bluetiful". Each artist creating their page and then sharing it with you is heaven. Your fini is perfect with the Beatles words and your vision of image and embellishments. This is truly making me swoon! Sheer Joy to behold...

Ana K. said...

Another wow here...after so many miles, back at home filled with awesome creations!! Hope I will find time in the future, to visit some of your art friends...

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