Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tagalong Tuesday - What I Made


I created a 2 sided tag using the bulk of the kit,
adding only ink, glue and one piece of ephemera paper
for the lining of the tuck spot (last photo above).
My only tools were
a hole punch, scissors and a clear stamp by Sam Poole.

I created the kits first, without knowing how I would use one,
and really wanted to challenge myself to use only the pieces from the kit.
I got creative and used the envelope 
and the piece of washi that seals the bag that the kit comes in to create a tuck spot.

You're welcome to copy my design,
but I would encourage you to get creative and make something totally you.

If you purchase a kit and wish to share what you create,
(I for one would love to see your artwork)
you can post on Instagram with the hashtag
Remember to tag me too,

You can post and tag anytime,
it does not have to be a Tuesday.

There are a limited number of the March kits
available for purchase at

Have a lovely Tuesday, dear friends!

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