Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mini Garden Tour - Day 2

Come sit a spell as we tour the backyard gardens.

Yellow is the happiest color, half the rooms in our home are painted yellow, and I even drive a yellow car.

I love metal, nearly every planter has something metal in it.

We have a wonderful local nursery, that carries an amazing variety of annuals. It is so much fun shopping and then putting these arrangements together.

Here's our salad bowl. Baby lettuces to munch. This is the edible, other than herbs that I planted this year.

I love this guy! He will be the center piece of our secret garden someday.

Lilies are one of my favorites.

More metal, an old ice cream parlor chair now holds a beautiful cascade of tiny white flowers.

And yes, even more metal. Old, odd containers make wonderful planters.
Thanks for visiting today.
enJOY A Beautiful Father's Day,
& Your Blessings!

1 comment:

kandeland said...

love the "salad bowl" and the frog!
hope you are having a great weekend,xo

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